Walk It Off

I had made plans to get up early today and head out on an adventure to take pictures of the sunrise from our local park. I overslept and woke up feeling depressed and really down on myself. I felt unmotivated and self-deprecating. I didn’t want to get off the couch and was berating myself for every little thing. After being sick for a few weeks and spending the weekend resting, I was feeling really stir-crazy and like a “super loser” as I described it to my spouse. After sitting on the couch wallowing in self-pity I decided to drag my butt out of the house. I put on some leggings,  grabbed my camera and took a 3-mile walk around the neighborhood park. I found myself focusing on the small patterns found in nature – particularly the moss growing all over. Bright and colorful amidst the death of winter. Here are some of my favorite shots from my attempt to walk it off.

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